What Couple Need to Discuss Before Married? Here Are The Facts of It!

Every couple in the world need to discuss their future relationship seriously, of course, it is about living together and forever, yes it’s about marriage, the most important thing for a man and a girl. What things need to discuss? Are we aware of these things? Let’s find out.

married couple

Getting married is not an easy thing, but it does not mean you can not get it. There are some things that should be discussed before marriage. Some crucial things and plans should be talked such as the money, a house, and some living plan.

In fact, many couples didn’t realize how important it is to discuss. But here we go, the most important thing to aware before you buy the expensive rings.

Where do we live?

This is a basic topic, are you going to live with your parent, rent a house or planning to buy a new house or an apartment? Both of you should be agree with the decision because this is the most future problem if we don’t create a perfect decision

Financial Management

Are both of you working? If one of you just be a housewife and another one working, you should discuss the tasks. I know it looks so easy but trusts me, it become a big problem for you if you’re not planned well.

Making Love

The bed schedule is also crucial in a marriage. Do you know many husbands looking another woman to find the love? It’s mostly because he can’t get the love in his own home. Bottom line, he or she can’t be enjoying the love side in the bed. It’s important!

The Kids!!

Hey, don’t get me wrong, some divorced cases are caused by a baby. A completed family member is including: Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Grand Fa and Grand Ma. Even though it’s not a must rule in a happy family, but the existence of a baby is awesome. How many children that you want?

Fair Home Tasks
Don’t be crazy by giving the huge home tasks list to your partner, just be fair. If your wife needs to cook, wash your cloths, cleaning the floor, taking care the babies, then you can help her by cutting the grass, cleaning a toilet, cleaning the kitchen tools and more. Be fair on this one. Be a great team!

That’s all! a money management, a home, the love, the kids and the tasks are the most important to discuss before you’re getting married. Also don’t forget to talk about the parent, sometimes they are distraction your family, just be nice at this point. Good luck!

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