Don’t Spend Your Money: The Secret of DIY Dirty Carpet Cleaning

People are still spending the money to hire a professional carpet cleaner, this is not a wrong way but they should be better to save the pocket. Better to give the funds to the charity and something related. Hiring the pro is okay, but if we can do carpet cleaning by our hands, I think that is a nice movement to save the money. Today I will tell you the secret on how to do DIY dirty carpet cleaning and hope it saves much the money.

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Keep in mind, some carpet is contained dangerous material such as asbestos, read how to test it here asbestos testing Brisbane, then you should be careful to do DIY cleaning process.

Professional carpet cleaners do a better job than you can, but hiring a professional is expensive. So the next best approach is to switch between pro and DIY cleaning. DIY “steam” machines can be effective if you understand how to use them and take the time to clean the carpet carefully.

You can rent a steam cleaner from a home center or a grocery store. If you take the machine at the end of the day, many stores will charge a half-day rate and will let you keep the machine until the next morning. The cost for detergent is often added. Usually, you should use a spoon or less per gallon of water.

If you prefer to buy a steam-cleaning machine, you have to plan to spend around $60 to $300 or more. Pricier models have stronger jets and water suction, and some also have heating elements to keep the water hot. Reviews on this kind of machine are mixed, and some are prone to failure. Do some online searches (type “carpet cleaners” in your browser) before you buy.

Most machines weigh more, hold more water, and have a bar that is wider than the model purchased, making it useful for a larger area. Purchased models are usually smaller, more portable and easier to store. They are good for cleaning and easier to bring up and down stairs. Whether you rent or buy, avoid damaging carpets and make your cleaning last longer by following our advice.

Clean the carpet before it becomes dirty: How often does the carpet need to be cleaned depending on the type of carpet traffic you have (think of children and pets). Clean the carpet when the color starts to look darker or dull. If you wait until the carpet is dirty, cleaning will be much more difficult and cost more.

Vacuum first before and after cleaning: Vacuum the carpet first to remove large soil particles. Vacuum the carpet again after cleaning and after the carpet is completely dry to collect soil that will slip to the surface during drying.

Pretreat stains in a high-traffic area: Combine a drop of detergent with hot water into a spray bottle and clean the dirty area. Sit 5-10 minutes before starting a general cleaning.

Remove furniture: If the furniture is too heavy to move, place aluminum boxes, wooden blocks or plastic film under and around the legs of all furniture to prevent rust from metal casters or paint stains.

Do not wet the carpet too much: The DIY machine put a lot of moisture on the carpet, and most do not have enough suction to suck off the moisture completely. Clean one time with the soap and water solution. Clean one step with a neutralizing rinse solution. Then do two or three drying steps with the water.

Allow the carpet to dry thoroughly: The wet carpet is the perfect environment for mold. After cleaning the carpet, open the windows, use a fan and dehumidifier or air conditioner in a position post moderate (72 to 78 degrees) to remove excess moisture from the air. Do not replace furniture or walk on the carpet until completely dry. This may take up to 12 hours, although six to eight hours is typical.

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